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Crop Residue and Why It's Valuable

Since he began using residue on his farm Brian Hora has learned more about residue management and benefits, and this is what he has to say, “Residue is not only a nutrient source, it is also food for the microbes, adding to our soil biology,…

Helping Farmers Overcome the Logistic and Economic Risk of Adopting Sustainable Ag

The regenerative ag/soil health/sustainability, movement has continued to gain a lot of notoriety, a lot of press, and awareness. However, we still need to come up with a strategy for the adoption of these regenerative practices. Washington…
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TopSoil Tool Launches New Features

In 2020 Continuum Ag received our first round of venture capital investment. These funds were to be utilized to expand our team as we implemented early go-to-market, develop our software, TopSoil, and complete legal milestones for business success. …
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TopSoil Tool: Sustainability Tracking & Yield Data

As we move further into fall, farmers in the midwest and around the country are excited to see the yield monitor and to evaluate how the year’s worth of work will pay off. There is a lot of variability in yields this year due to weather and…
TopSoil Tool
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TopSoil Tool: New Features, New Value

Over the last year, Continuum Ag has been building the agricultural space’s first soil health data analytics platform. We publicly launched the TopSoil Tool in March 2020 and we’re really excited to share some of the new features that we…
relay rye crop
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Experimenting with Relay Rye

Today, we want to give an update on the relay crop, now that the rye portion of the trial has all been wrapped up. One of the main things to consider as we expand cover cropping is that we need to be able to grow more cover crop seed. Cover…
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What’s Happening to the Nutrients in Your Soil Over Winter?

“Wow, what the heck is happening to soil nutrients right now?” This is something many farmers are wondering. With extreme weather and rainfall patterns through the 2018 and 2019 seasons, no current soil prediction model can fully understand…

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