How To Prepare The Four-Wheeler For Soil Sampling

Step 1

Our four-wheelers have a custom-made mount that helps make the process of pulling soil samples a lot easier and more hands-free. There are two circular mounts on the front for buckets and two PVC mounts to hold our soil probes.

Step 2

Next, we have the iPad mount so we can keep the iPad secure while moving across the fields.

Step 3

Once you have the iPad clipped in you can use TopSoil anywhere in the field without worrying about dropping it or running it over.

Step 4

Once you have the iPad clipped into place there is a handle that you can twist to adjust the iPad. Just loosen the handle, move the iPad where you want it, and then tighten the handle back down.

Step 5

When the four-wheeler is being loaded the soil probe fits very nicely in the PVC mounts.

Step 6

We use the smaller rubber bucket for each of the soil cores.

Step 7

Then we use the white bucket for the soil samples that have been put into the soil bags to keep them secure while we finish pulling samples.

Step 8

Once the buckets, soil probe, and iPad are put into place and secured the four-wheeler is ready for sampling.