Continuum Ag’s TopSoil Tool

Continuum Ag’s TopSoil Tool provides a common language to have the soil health conversation. By connecting with the worlds leading labs and tech companies, the TopSoil Tool helps to provide direction and freedom for making agronomic decisions for farmers and their farm advisors. The platform is completely web-based, scalable, actionable and unbiased. We can connect with any agronomic tool anywhere in the world in real-time. Using the data, we’re not only able to help to provide better decision-making tools to make progress on the farm. But also to help to continue consistent conversations up the supply chain through to the end consumer.

The Regen Roadmap

A detailed custom made document with your prescription for how to implement regen ag to ensure best practices field by field. We analyze current practices, understand farmer goals, and deliver advice including species of cover crops, timing/methods of cover crop planting and termination, and how to work toward a no-till system.

RightWay Program

The RightWay Program replaces the current grid soil sampling system with an up-to-date detailed analysis that improves on-farm fertility management. Utilizing thorough zone analysis, we spatially evaluate the field, then go to the farm to collect soil samples. We’ve teamed up with the world’s leading labs and soil scientists to gather this comprehensive information. Using this information, we provide independent soil recommendations that impact the on-farm bottom line and soil’s balance, essentially driving towards overall soil health while providing short-term return on investment. 

Ecosystem Service Market Consulting

Corporations, non-profits, farmers, and more all need an understanding of emerging ecosystem service markets. Continuum Ag can help you understand your role in this emerging space and help deploy initiates to prove concepts, test hypotheses, and create a clear path forward for your organization to provide meaningful impact in an emerging marketplace.

Get in touch with us! As an independent soil health consulting company, our number one priority is to help you improve your bottom line.